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From the Farm to the Market – Pure Organic Quality

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We all have concerns about food contamination and the harm that these contaminations can cause to our bodies. Pesticides that are lethal to one living organism (pests) can also be lethal or harmful to other living organisms, such as our body cells. Even though chemical fertilizers can promote the growth of plants faster and more effectively, they are harmful compounds to our body tissues, and prolonged consumption of these contaminants over time can lead to serious illnesses in our bodies!

With the widespread use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture, along with the chemical substances from municipal wastewater and industrial activities over the past decades, practicing healthy and ecological farming has become exceedingly challenging and nearly impossible. A significant portion of our water and soil has been contaminated by these chemicals. Ecological farming and the processing of healthy crops primarily require clean and wholesome soil and water.

What is our decision?

Finding a clean environment for ecological farming in densely populated areas and industrial zones is a challenging task. Therefore, we have ventured into abandoned deserts or sparsely populated areas to produce completely clean and ecological products.

With the assistance of our partners in countries like Iran, which possess vast deserts and abandoned areas, we aspire to create organic and clean products of various flavors and qualities in unsuitable environments, far from the contamination of human activities – be it on fertile soil at the desert’s edge or on healthy soil at the foothills of mountains.

Despite the challenges of water supply and creating suitable agricultural soil, farming in these areas yields products of higher quality, producing more concentrated ingredients and exceptional oriental flavors due to the unique soil, climate, relatively high temperatures, and intense sunlight.