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Daste saffron – Organic and conventional

  • Daste saffron is a premium quality saffron product sourced from the best saffron-growing regions of Iran.
  • It has a deep red color and a delicate floral aroma with hints of honey and hay.
  • The flavor is complex and bitter-sweet, with notes of honey, hay, and floral undertones.
  • Daste saffron can be used in a variety of dishes, including rice, soups, stews, and sauces, as well as traditional desserts.
  • It is also valued for its medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and mood-enhancing effects.
  • Bulk sale option offers an affordable price for home cooks, chefs, and business owners looking to enhance their culinary creations with the finest saffron on the market.

Negin Saffron

Negin Safran

Organic and Conventional

  • Our Negin Saffron is a variety of saffron that originates from Iran and is known for its high quality and intense flavor.
  • Our Negin Saffron is a special type of saffron characterized by its long and thick threads.
  • Our Negin Saffron is carefully handpicked and double-sorted.
  • It is entirely red and comes from its home country, Iran.

Pushali Safrron – Organic and Conventional

  • Pushal Saffron is commonly used in Persian cuisine to season rice, soups, stews, meat dishes, and desserts.
  • Pushal Saffron has a bright, vibrant red color and a strong, aromatic flavor.
  • Pushal Saffron is typically harvested and processed by hand to ensure that the threads remain intact and free from any impurities.
  • Pushal Saffron is often used for preparing various dishes and beverages, such as Paella, Risotto, Saffron rice, Saffron bread, and Saffron tea.

Saffron powder – Organic and conventional

  • Saffron powder is a spice derived from the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus plant
  • Our Saffron powder is sourced directly from the fields of Iran
  • The taste is bittersweet with a subtle floral note that adds a unique depth of flavor to any dish
  • Saffron powder has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and has been used in traditional medicine to treat various ailments
  • It is a popular ingredient in dishes such as paella, biryani, and risotto, adding a unique depth of flavor and rich color
  • We offer our Saffron powder in bulk quantities, ideal for chefs, restaurants, and spice wholesalers
  • Our Saffron powder is packaged in airtight containers to ensure freshness and potency.

Sargol saffron – Organic and conventional

  • Organic and conventional
  • Sargol saffron is a high-quality variety of saffron that is obtained from the red pistils of the saffron flower.
  • Sargol Saffron is often used in Persian cuisine to enhance flavor and aroma and add a golden color to dishes.
  • Due to its high quality and unique taste and aroma, Sargol saffron is a valued ingredient in the kitchen and is appreciated by gourmet chefs and foodies worldwide.

Unlock the Richness of Iranian Saffron: Explore Our Bulk Sale with Good Prices

More about Saffron

Welcome to our exclusive saffron product category, where the essence of luxury and culinary artistry intertwine. With its rich history and remarkable attributes, saffron stands as one of the most prized spices in the world. We offer a wide range of saffron products, including bulk sale options, ensuring that you can indulge in this magnificent spice to your heart's content.

Savor the Flavor, Enjoy the Benefits

Saffron - a name that evokes images of vibrant colors and irresistible aromas. It is the essence of exotic cuisine and the secret ingredient behind extraordinary culinary creations. At our store, we take pride in providing the finest quality saffron, sourced from reputable growers and manufacturers.

Wholesale Options

Looking to stock up on saffron for your culinary endeavors or business needs? We offer wholesale options, providing you with a cost-effective way to enjoy the magic of saffron in larger quantities. Whether you are a professional chef, restaurateur, or an avid cooking enthusiast, our bulk sale options ensure you have an abundant supply of saffron at your fingertips.

Unveiling the Finest Varieties

Our saffron collection features an array of exquisite varieties, each with its unique flavor profile and characteristics. Let's delve into the distinct offerings:


  • Negin Saffron: Renowned for its vibrant red threads and robust aroma, Negin saffron is a symbol of indulgence and elegance. It is carefully handpicked and consists of long, thick threads that possess exceptional quality and potency. Perfect for infusing your dishes with an intense saffron flavor.
  • Sargol Saffron: Also known as "Pushali Saffron," Sargol saffron captivates with its deep red color and aromatic qualities. This variety comprises shorter threads, meticulously separated from the flower, ensuring purity and concentration of flavor. Sargol saffron is a popular choice for enhancing the taste and visual appeal of your culinary creations.
  • Pushal Saffron: Pushal saffron, also known as "Pushali saffron," is a unique variety that boasts a beautiful crimson color and a delicate aroma. The threads of Pushal saffron are carefully harvested and contain a slightly higher proportion of the flower's yellow components, giving it a milder flavor compared to other saffron varieties. Its gentle and subtle taste makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more nuanced saffron experience. Pushal saffron adds a touch of sophistication to dishes, enhancing their visual appeal and imparting a gentle saffron aroma. Whether used in rice dishes, desserts, or beverages, Pushal saffron brings a delicate and refined flavor to every culinary creation, making it a prized ingredient for chefs and home cooks alike.
  • Daste Saffron: With its beautiful crimson threads and delicate aroma, Daste saffron offers a unique sensory experience. Handpicked with utmost care, Daste saffron lends a distinct flavor to your dishes, making them truly unforgettable.

Pure, Organic, and From Iran

At our store, we prioritize quality and authenticity. That's why we proudly offer both conventional and organic original saffron, sourced directly from Its Native land Iran. Renowned for producing some of the world's finest saffron, Iran's favorable climate and meticulous cultivation techniques ensure that the saffron you receive is of the highest caliber.


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Unlock the Secrets of Saffron

Indulge in the magical world of saffron and elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Whether you prefer the vibrant threads, powdered organic saffron, or the more conventional variety, our saffron products promise an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

Reasonable Prices

At our company, we source our products directly from partner farms, ensuring there are no middlemen involved. This allows us to offer reasonable prices to our customers. We provide a diverse selection of saffron, each with its own price range. The pricing of our products is influenced by the volume of your order. We also value our returning customers and offer special prices exclusively for them.


At our store, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the exquisite flavors, vibrant colors, and unparalleled quality of saffron. Experience the allure of saffron bulk sales with unbeatable prices and explore the

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